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Young, Talented & Broke




  Pinewood is a school filled with extremely talented people, whether it be in athletics, dance, art, theater, or academics, but many are not recognized for the great skills that they possess. Three students, seventh grader Adam Fallick, junior Elizabeth Peters, and seventh grader Giselle Gao, are all incredibly gifted students with astounding talents.


  Gao plays two instruments: the acoustic guitar, and a traditional Chinese instrument called the guzheng, which she has been playing since she was seven years old. She says her teacher inspired her, and she was “really interested in [the guzheng].” Gao wanted to play the guzheng ever since she first saw the instrument, so her teacher measured if her hands were big enough to be able to play it. Her teacher then allowed Gao to start practicing the guzheng. In the future, Gao “hopes she [can] progress and gain more stage practice.”

  Fallick not only has “been singing pretty much since [he] could speak, and [he] figured he would want to take it up as musical theater when [he] was five,” but he also has taken up dancing ballet, tap, and jazz to advance in his music theater classes. His “dream is to become an actor on Broadway. It’s what keeps [him] pushing even when [he] thinks that [he] can’t do it.” On Jan. 26, he performed in Broadway Con, a competition that selects ten singers from across the country to perform.  He is “currently doing the Peter Pan Foundation [which] basically inspires kids that have life threatening diseases.” Fallick pursues his dream of acting, singing, and dancing while still giving back to his community and finding a way to make what he loves a tool to help others.


  Peters dances with aerial silks, which is a performance with aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric. She “used to do gymnastics” and thought dancing around in the air “sounded cooler than gymnastics,” so she decided to take up aerial silks in seventh grade. Peters described it as more of a dance performance than a competitive sport, considering she even performed an adaptation of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ similar to ballet. She loves the “awesomeness” of aerial silks and how stunning it is when artists can dance with a piece of fabric. She “hopes to continue it” in the future and gain strength as she progresses in her journey.


  People all around Pinewood, like these students, are filled with unknown hopes, talents, and dreams. Talents should always be praised–– especially talents of those who work hard and consistently want to better themselves as they progress.