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   Music, art, and snow… er… bags of ice, were all beautifully featured in last year’s Winter Arts Festival, which will be hosted  this year at Pinewood’s Upper Campus on Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. Christmas lights adorned the hallways just as tastefully as the ugly Christmas and Hanukkah sweaters adorned the choir singers. Cookie decorating stations and all sorts of holiday treats filled the halls with smells reminiscent of the holidays.

   Many students are involved in the Upper Campus choirs, Pinewood Singers, and Women’s Chorus. This year, students and teachers are excited to get Pinewood back in the holiday spirit.

   The Winter Arts Festival is an opportunity for members of the choirs to perform holiday songs in small groups or solos of their choosing, scattered throughout campus. The groups perform their songs about six times each, allowing parents, teachers, and other students to come and go as they please.

   Sophomore Nicole Yeh recalls last year’s festival fondly.

   “There was good food and good singing. It was relatively casual and had a warm atmosphere,” Yeh said.

   As both choirs prepare for their upcoming performances, choir teacher Katie Linza is confident in their abilities.

   “I really love the holiday music we’ve been working on- we’re generally steering away from the ‘classics’ this concert,” Linza said.

   It isn’t just Linza who shares these sentiments; students are also eager to perform and show what they’ve been working on for the past semester. Section leader of the basses and junior David Ness shares his enthusiasm for the upcoming concert.

   “My favorite part was performing and being able to make the performance better every time,” Ness said.

   Ness is also a member of Pinewood’s a capella group, “Unaccompanied Minors,” and is looking forward to its performance. Although the group has performed at events like Jamboree, this will be the first time it is showcased in concert.

   Groups also have the ability to improvise their songs, so every group is a surprise. You never know exactly how they’ll sound or what will be different.

   “I’m excited to see the different ways that each group will interpret their Christmas song,” Yeh said.

   Although there often seems to be a never ending amount of songs about the holidays, people also tend to hear the same ones every year. Hopefully the Pinewood choirs are successful in giving each song a unique sound, keeping people in the holiday spirit.

   With a set list that includes songs by Pentatonix, Kristen Bell, and other iconic artists, it looks like this won’t be too difficult.