Why I Wear the Boston Sox



   Everyday I wake up, I put on a Boston Red Sox sweatshirt or a New England Patriots jacket and I go to a school where San Francisco Giants apparel reigns supreme. Living in an environment full of Giants fans can be difficult considering they won three World Series in the past five years. I then ask them why they are
Giants fans.

   The main answer: “They are my hometown team.” When I was asked why I like the Red Sox my answer is, “The Red Sox are my family’s hometown team.” My dad grew up in right outside of Boston and loved to visit Fenway Park. My mother and her family lived in Maine and since they do not have a professional sports team, many people living in Maine root for the Red Sox because they have a minor league baseball team in Portland, Maine. Today, my two cousins and their parents still live outside of Boston and I visit them every summer. My cousin and I go to Fenway Park and watch a game every time I visit. I, on the other hand, have never lived in Boston so they technically have never been my
hometown team.

  I sometimes wish that I lived in Boston and instead of having season tickets to AT&T park, that I had season tickets to Fenway Park. I visit Boston every summer and every time it feels like a new experience. I love walking the brick road that shows Paul Revere’s ride through the city and love seeing all the people wearing their Red Sox jerseys and t-shirts in the hot, humid underground subway systems. Fenway Park is one of my favorite places on the planet.  Each game all the fans are always on their feet screaming and hollering at the opposing team. Their thick, Boston accents are so much fun to listen to, I almost wish I had one. Boston may not be my hometown, but sometimes I wish I could wake up, look out my window, and gaze at the Green Monster of Fenway Park.

   My answer to why I am a Red Sox fan is the same as Giants fans’ reason for loving their team: “They are my hometown team.” I love the Red Sox, I always have and always will because Boston feels like home.