COVID-19 In Depth

What about the Juniors?

By Allyson Levy


During a time of uncertainty and anxiety, communication and social interaction has never been more important, whether it be through Zoom calls, Netflix parties, video games, Instagram challenges, or simple text messages. Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction, Pinewood juniors have kept in contact during a worldwide pandemic. 

   Starting after break, the junior student council is holding movie nights where the class of 2021 can watch movies together through Netflix Party, an application that allows users to watch movies and chat with each other at the same time. One Friday, the juniors watched “Step Brothers” and chatted about the funny moments during the movie. 

  “It’s the little things, like still watching movies together, that matter,” junior class president Tara Adlparvar said. 

   Another way the juniors have been keeping in touch during social distancing is through group zoom calls beyond zooming for class. Some students have been Zooming during lunch breaks on school days or on the weekends to just catch up and talk. A common topic among juniors is the question of what will happen in the future, particularly whether it will affect their senior year. Many “what if’s” are up in the air, but talking about it with friends makes it seem less scary. 

  Playing video games with friends is another light-hearted way the juniors are keeping in contact with one another. Many juniors are connecting through video games as they play the same game and talk to each other while sitting in separate houses miles apart. Some popular games include Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

   Also, through the many Instagram challenges, Pinewood juniors have participated in the “until tomorrow” challenge by posting embarrassing pictures of themselves or through Pinewood Bingo, created by junior Evie Fick, where students cross out all the boxes that apply to them. Some boxes included going to school dances or attending winter formal on a boat.   Whether it be through calls or snaps or DM’s, the class of 2021 is keeping in contact through a variety of ways and is not going to let this virus stop them.