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  When people think of big, green, and ugly cartoon characters, there’s only one who immediately comes to mind: Shrek. If you have been ignoring all of Visual Performing Arts Department Chair Spencer Williams’ announcements it is time to open your ears because “Shrek The Musical” is now coming to Pinewood’s Upper Campus theatre from April 23 to May 9. This fairy tale is all about dragons, donkeys, and big ogres.

  Seniors Wilson Fields, Rachel Brennemen, and Carson
Robinette will be playing the main characters Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, respectively.

   If you don’t know what “Shrek” is about, it is the ultimate cliché fairy tale, with a twist. Instead of a handsome prince coming to rescue the princess, it is a big giant ugly ogre named Shrek. First written as a book, then made into a
movie, everyone’s favorite Dreamwork character was brought to Broadway in 2008.

   “The movie and the musical are obviously different… I love that they were able to adapt the musical in a way that still told the story in a similar way that the cartoon does, but with music. I think what they have done with the piece and what they have
focused on the musical is really fun,” Williams said.

    “I love the song ‘Freak Flag’ because its fun and upbeat, and it is all about being yourself and being proud of who you are,” junior Laine Corfield said.

  “Freak Flag” is one of the many songs touching upon Shrek’s themes like honesty and acceptance.

“I think it’s really funny that we have these ideas of what people are… With a little listening, we can accept each other for who we actually are, and not what we think others are,” Williams said.

   This year Williams is also starting to get extra help from musical director Katie Linza and choreographer Carly White.

   “I am excited to collaborate with other people and not be focused on everything, but more about the direction of the piece,” Williams said.

   Though excited, Williams has three major challenges along the way: hair, makeup, and costumes.              

   “[It] is very scary and is not my forte. So, we have hired a person who’s creating our prosthetics for Shrek, so Shrek will have real prosthetics just like the Broadway cast,”
Williams said.

   Tickets can be found online on the Pinewood Performing Arts website. If you check online to buy seats, usually Williams offers General ($20) and VIP seating (which is sold out), but this year Williams is also offering a whole different section of seating – $15 immersive seats.

  “You will be in the orchestra pit, but we don’t have an
orchestra, so you, as audience members, will be in a ‘pit’. The world of Shrek will be all around you and it will be really exciting, and a different way to see the show. So, the world of Shrek will be all over the theater again, and it’s going to be really fun,” Williams said.