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The week of Jan. 23 was the Interact Club’s third annual Week of Kindness. Throughout the week, the Interact Club officers and members performed acts of kindness for everyone on campus. Interact Club advisor Michelle Isaac was inspired to start Week of Kindness after noticing a decline in kind acts at Upper Campus. “Devices have taken away a lot of face to face interaction. I was no longer hearing students say hi to each other or to teachers, and I wasn’t hearing students say things like ‘Hey! Happy Birthday!’ anymore. We wanted to bring back some expression and actual action of kindness,” Isaac said. Isaac added that Interact Club believes that going out of your way to brighten someone’s day is important, and that kindness goes a long way. They hope Week of Kindness helps remind everyone of the importance of kindness. Interact Club worked hard throughout the week to spread kindness to each Pinewood student and teacher. From junior high on Monday, to seniors and teachers on Friday, every grade was given a treat free of charge courtesy of Interact. These included ice cream sandwiches, handfuls of candy, homemade cookies, cupcakes, and access to a hot chocolate and coffee bar. In addition to the hot drinks on Friday, teachers were also given posters signed by many Pinewood students as a sign of their gratitude. Random acts of kindness were encouraged, and on announcements, there were quotes promoting kindness such as, “One kind word can make someone’s whole day.” The junior high student council was motivated by the Interact Club, and decided to join them in acts of kindness. They made a banner for the maintenance crew which students were encouraged to sign in the following days, and purchased gift cards for the crew as well. To thank Pinewood office manager Joan Eble, the junior high made a large poster and gave her a gift card. “It brought me to tears. It absolutely made my entire week,” Eble said on receiving her poster from the junior high. The evening cleaning crew also received personal thank you notes, in addition to gift cards. The junior high enjoyed recognizing and appreciating these individuals for all of their hard work, especially since they are often overlooked. “I liked Week of Kindness because it shows that we aren’t just a regular school. I think it shows that we care about each other and we’re all one community,” said eighth grader Serena Thompson. As Pinewood attempts to promote kindness back into its community, it is heartening to see an immediate response from the junior high students. The willingness and exciement with which junior high joined Interact Club in spreading kindness throughout Pinewood is the ultimate goal of the Week of Kindness. With the success of this year’s Week of Kindness, and the unsolicited participation of the junior high, it is apparent that the Interact Club is increasing compassion and generosity throughout the Pinewood campus. Week of Kindness may be over for this school year, but the sentiment will remain for weeks to come.