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     Kindness can mean many things, and this week the Interact Club has decided to represent it with some tasty treats.

   Interact Club is an organization which gives members the opportunity to reciprocate the goodness that society has shown them. Starting on Monday, the club has been furthering its cause through the Week of Kindness.

   During the week, Interact Club brings goodies for each grade on respective days such as donuts, ice cream, and pizza as a symbol of appreciation for your contribution to the community. The treats have been distributed by club members during lunch.
   For example, junior high students received popcorn on Monday.

   Not only does it fill your belly, but the week serves as a social function. It grafts the traditional values of shared treats onto our principles of gratitude, generosity, and friendship, thus fortifying the bonds of the community.

   “I think that it makes our community better because when you receive and give, it makes you happy, and a happy community is a good one,” eighth grader Mayu Alten said.

     In addition, club members are also pleased to be giving back to our Pinewood family.

   “So often we serve strangers, but we forget to serve the people around us,” Interact head Michele Isaac said.

   The club’s president, junior Helena Merk, expressed similar sentiments.

   “It’s nice to do something for people we know,” Merk said.

   Their statements ring especially true in the case of our close-knit community of Pinewood.

    For those who remember last year’s Week of Kindness, you won’t be disappointed. This year, the club has increased its commitment: according to Merk, they have even established separate committees for each day, in order to make sure each day runs smoothly.