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Vote! Vote! Vote!

By Alexandra Roesch

Staff Writer


108,600,056 people. According to the United States Election Project, 46.9 percent of eligible voters did not vote in the 2016 presidential election.

  The main reason many people don’t vote is that they believe that their individual vote does not matter. While one person’s vote might not matter in theory due to the electoral college system, when more and more groups of people share this mindset, the problem suddenly precipitates to the masses. One person becomes hundreds and thousands.

  I believe that people should vote in every election so that those in positions of power represent the American population. If people do not vote, then they have no influence on the results of an election. Without 108.6 million people’s voices, it is impossible for a candidate to acknowledge a majority people’s desired policies. One cannot affect change if one did not make the step to advocate change.

  It’s not too unusual for people to complain about their political leaders. However in recent politics, the culmination of all medias have made our population more aware of dislike. Many people in America have been critical of President Donald Trump’s decisions and word choices. However, regardless of their personal beliefs, people who chose not to vote lack credibility in their complaints. In multiple states, victories came down to fewer than 10,000 votes. With 25.5 percent of eligible voters voting for Hillary Clinton and 25.6 percent of eligible voters voting for Donald Trump, a few votes could have changed everything. If people wanted a certain candidate to be elected, they should have voted, and if they didn’t, then they shouldn’t complain.

  Our next election seems like it’s just around the corner: the 2020 presidential election. It’s impossible to know for sure what the political landscape will be or which candidates will run, but in order to have leaders who represent the people, all eligible voters need to vote. Most students at Pinewood who are sophomores or older will most likely be eligible to vote in the next election and should vote for whichever candidate they see fit. For America to truly be “for the people,” “the people” need to vote.