Walking to my car after a long day of calculus equations and biology DNA strands, my heart plummets to the floor as my eyes found their way to a pizza-slice sized black mark on my driver side door.  A dent. A dent and no note. All the better, in Pinewood’s own parking lot.

   With a 13 month clean driving record, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that the first blemish on my car should be one that I did not even have a good story for. There was no biker that I had to swerve out of the way to not hit or a pole that I managed to open my door into.

   Not to my parents’ surprise, the accident would occur in a high school parking lot. However, their lack of outrage at the fact that I was left no

   “I’m sorry here’s my number” or “whoops my bad here’s my name” note left me feeling defeated and out for revenge.

   At a school where one can leave a $1,000 laptop out on a table without being touched, but I can’t feel comfortable that my car is in good safety seems perplexing.

   All I’m asking is that, if you are to bump into someone, have the decency to tell the front office, or personally notify the person of the accident.

   I can understand that the situation may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but it is the right thing to do.

   I’m surely lucky that my parents are understanding about this bruise on my beloved car, which I have appropriately named Gertrude; however I do not feel as relaxed about the morality of the situation. Although I am glad that it was not a bump that I was involved or injured in, the frustration of having a crater in my car that I was not responsible for is exasperating.

   Imagine having finished making a beautiful perfect cake, and someone comes and takes a bite right out of it. Without even cutting a slice or asking the chef first.

   For now, as I continue to scour the Pinewood population for a possible culprit, I am left with many questions unanswered. If you may have seen this accident occur or maybe even the one to do it, I will not be mad.

   But I do expect a chocolate cake with a very nice apology to go with it, and, of course, money to pay for the repair.