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Upper Campus Gets A Makeover



   This year, the Pinewood administration had some surprises for returning students and faculty. Those returning from summer break were treated to modern upgrades to the field, high school lunch area, bathrooms, and faculty patio.

   With the old field’s warranty running out, high school Athletic Director Matt Stimson had the idea to replace the turf because the safety rating was constantly declining. The new field has a filling imported from Italy, which is safer and easier on athletes’ joints. It is an organic material, which is better for the environment compared to the
rubber fillings.

   So, as Pinewood launched its first capital campaign in the hopes of remodeling Middle Campus, Riches looked to raise additional money to fund smaller updates to Upper Campus. With help on the design side from a group of junior high parents, the improvements to the high school lunch area, faculty patio, and smaller lunch area near the office were
made possible.

   “My favorite parts of the renovations are the couches and the eating area because it bring all the students closer together,” junior Michael Bodine said.

   High school students are enjoying the lunch area where all four grades can now eat together rather than spreading out around campus as they had in previous years. So far, students love most of the furniture, but some are finding the large table in the middle of the lunch area too wide, which makes conversations across the table sometimes
difficult to hear.

   Director of Admissions Lisa Longbottom wanted to update the small lunch area near the office so that she would have a nice spot for the starts her campus tours. This spot also serves as an additional lunch area and a place for students to meet with teachers at lunch.

   “The hope for the renovations were to freshen up [the] campus and to make some nice new spaces for students to socialize and collaborate,”
Gardner said.

   Faculty members were treated to updates to their outside patio which has similar furniture to the high school lunch area.

   “We never used to go outside, but now we use it all the time during lunch and while grading,”
history teacher Mary-Kate Leos said.

   Still to come is the remodel of the blacktop area, which will be replaced by a synthetic surface in order to create a multi-purpose area. This project will take place over the summer of 2016. When the last update has finished, the total cost of all the renovations will be $1.6 million. Once the new turf area is finished, Gardner does not see any other renovations in the near term, but a survey might be sent out in the next year to gather information about possible long term
renovation ideas.