In Depth

Two down, Two to go




High school: arguably the four
most influential years of someone’s
life. It goes by a lot faster than anyone expects. What starts as an
incredible new experience with new opportunities, friendships, emotions,
and mistakes ends up as being the
quickest — and slowest — four years of someone’s life.

I’m almost a junior. That statement is ridiculous. It’s almost beyond belief.
It feels like just last week I ventured into the uncharted territory that is the now familiar high school experience:
the regular high school classrooms, the  regular high school lunch  tables. Next year, I’ll be more than halfway done with
my high school career. But at the same time, it feels as though high school
is just beginning. After course selections came out this year, I realized how
difficult high school will be. I’m
prepared to take four AP classes and three honors classes next year. Now,
I feel I understand what the ‘main part’ of high school is: that rigorous period where one stays up until 3 a.m.
preparing for the plethora of AP classes the next day.

But of course, high school has to
end at some point. For me, that point
is two years — and a few weeks — from now. After that comes college, and
after that comes independent life.
Being just a sophomore (and one
who doesn’t typically think more than a week in advance for pretty much
anything), I don’t know what awaits me after high school, nor do I know
exactly what I want ahead of me. I
know, just as every Pinewood
student probably knows, that I want
to end up enrolled in a good college. And I know, just like everyone else,
that I want to graduate college and
use the knowledge I’ve acquired to
impact the world and sustain myself
and my family financially. But what exactly lies ahead of us? I couldn’t say.

I can guess perhaps. I have a few ideas. I’m wildly interested in music. I have been ever since I was a little kid. I’ve gone through an entire decade long curriculum of music theory and technique. Taking this and my extreme
passion for music, I could say I might go to (or at least apply to) Belmont University in Nashville or Berklee School of Music in Boston. Afterwards I would
probably pursue some sort of career
in music production on performing.
Music has always spoken to me in a way that is indescribable.

Otherwise, if that path doesn’t suit my desires, I might follow something in STEM. In addition to being obsessed with music, I’m also fairly interested
in chemistry or physics or even
medicine — some kind of science. I might consider majoring in some STEM
field at Stanford while also keeping
in touch with my love for football.

Then again. I’m just a sophomore in high school. All that stuff is  years away. To be perfectly honest, I really have no idea. But I’m comfortable not knowing. I can only point to the misty fog that is the future and say what I always say: “I’ll figure it out eventually.”