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Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration



This is a nation that has lost its principles.

A nation that is becoming anti-sanctuary, anti-immigrant, and anti-human.

A nation where immigration – a process that’s been shaping human patterns since the dawn of time – is slandered as a channel of crime.

The Trump administration’s anti-immigrant objectives have not come as a surprise to anybody. His campaign frequently promises an aggressive policy of anti-immigration and featured generally xenophobic rhetoric. Since Trump came into office, he has allocated portions of the government’s funds to institute extensive “vetting” of potential immigrants.

Friday, Jan. 27 was a rough day for most Americans. Articles debunking, interpreting, or even justifying Trump’s executive order on immigration flooded all newspapers and sites. The order temporarily barred the entry of those from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. And while the president and his followers may argue otherwise, this order is clearly a case of religious discrimination. Religious liberty was once a cornerstone of this country, but through the eyes of those detained at the airport – those whose visas were revoked by national consulates, those separated from loved ones by an uncrossable border – it is no longer.

Fortunately, a week later, Judge James Robart, a U.S. district judge, overruled this de facto “Muslim ban” and all of the provisions of the order. American citizens rejoiced. We felt assured that the court were still righteous and that Saturday Night Live parodies and Twitter hashtags were not the only remaining bastions of public interest.

Although it seems that the immediate crisis has been alleviated, the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda has not been expelled. While Syrian refugees are excused from the new plan, all visa holders and citizens from the seven countries will still be barred from entering the United States.

The White House’s justifications for the ban are both on the grounds of national security. Trump and his advisers have been trying to conjure more fear by painting a warped reality in which America is under siege by religious extremism. They have vilified worshippers of the Islamic faith by prosecuting innocent citizens of predominantly Muslim countries and spreading rumors about the extent of “terrorist activity,” when in reality, attacks since 9/11 have been exceedingly rare. In fact, in the past decade there have been zero deaths caused by terrorist attacks perpetrated by people from the targeted countries.

In addition to the “Muslim Ban,” Trump has been steadily devising several other immigration-related executive orders. He not only is barring people from entering the country, he is also forcing the dragnet upon those who have already immigrated here.

He is prioritizing deportation and fear, convicting immigrants of a crime that they have not committed, and treating immigration itself as a menace.

Are we going to sit and watch Trump and his advisers unravel the national tapestry with an agenda completely antithetical to this country’s values? Are we going to let them pull the thread?