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Treasure the gift of music concerts



      We all know the influence of Coachella and other

famous music festivals. However, there are lesser known but still entertaining events that happen all year round. Just this October, in the Bay Area, we had the Treasure
Island Music Festival on Treasure Island in San Francisco and the Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline
Amphitheatre. While these two festivals were very different in scope, size, and lineups, they both presented influential musicians that could become more popular as time goes on.

   The Treasure Island Music Festival seems to be the better known festival, as seen by the lineup. Its lineup consisted of Outkast (who previously headlined at Coachella before performing at Treasure Island), Massive Attack, and other

artists. While the artists at Treasure Island may not be as popular as others, they are still making a strong impression in the music scene. St. Lucia, another band that performed at Treasure Island, opened for Ellie Goulding on her Halcyon Days Tour from 2012-2013. Even the illustrious Banks made an appearance to sing at Treasure Island. Other artists at the festival included Chet Faker and Alt-J.

   The Bridge School Benefit Concert is a charity event that helps individuals with severe speech and physical
impediments stay involved in their communities through
alternative means of communication. Some prominent artists at  this concert included Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and Florence + The Machine, who has made a name for herself in the past four years with her album “Lungs and
Ceremonials.” However, in comparison with the Treasure
Island Music Festival, Bridge School definitely had the
lesser known artists, like Band of Horses and Peggy Young & the Survivors. However, these artists still gave great
performances at the Bridge School Benefit Concert.

   While these two festivals pale in comparison to the
esteemed Coachella, due to having lesser known artists and being on a smaller scale, the Treasure Island Music Festival and the Bridge School Benefit Concert excelled in not only putting well known artists at the forefront, but also in giving lesser known talent a chance to shine in the spotlight.