Tradition, Tradition!



Whether it’s embarrassing ourselves and laughing until our stomachs cramp in spirit rallies, screaming at the top of our lungs in football and basketball games, or crying through the hardest AP tests, Pinewood students go through it all together.

In many high schools, there are over 30 students in one class and over a hundred students per grade, so many students barely know a third of their peers’ names. This is totally different from Pinewood. Due to Pinewood’s class sizes being anywhere from six to 18 students, students not only know the names of the kids, but are also able to form relationships with each and every person.

With such a close-knit environment, Pinewood always pays attention to how it can improve. Pinewood has many traditions, yet every year high school activities director Jackee Bruno and the student council manage to create more. For example, homecoming was introduced by the ASB and student council of 2016-2017; this custom will go on as another great way to get to know more people, dance, and have lots of fun. Over the years, new activities, including the spirit rallies, cheers, class trips, and games, all work to bring our community further together.

Attending the girls varsity basketball games is one of the most high-spirited customs at Pinewood. The “Panther Pit,” the student section of the Pinewood gym, is filled with our student body, cheers and costumes. This inclusive activity embodies Pinewood culture; our “small” student body may lack in numbers, but we are abundant in spirit.

“My favorite Pinewood tradition is screaming at the top of my lungs and cheering for the girls basketball team with all of my friends, because I can scare the rival school with how much spirit I have,” said sophomore Liam Smith.

Pinewood’s distinctive spirit – along with the amazing girls who play varsity basketball – intimidate each team that dares to step onto the court.

For me, Pinewood is a second home. From the instant my older brother and I drive into the gates at 7 a.m., a welcoming breath of air takes over my soul. Pinewood is not only a place for me to learn, but also a place for me and many other people to create memories, laugh, and try new things. Whether someone is new, or has attended Pinewood since kindergarten, this school is a “comfortable and welcoming community,” senior Becky Wilson said.