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Top 2020 Formal Asks

By Samantha Hsiung


Photo By Sam King

 One of the most popular high school dances at Pinewood is the Winter Formal, which happens every January. Many students ask a classmate to the Formal, often in front of their friends. This year, there were several Formal asks from each grade.

   Both in the freshman class, Peyton Spinner invited Rachel Farhoudi to Formal. Spinner had been waiting for two weeks when he decided to make the move. 

   “I wasn’t nervous when I was thinking about it or making the sign, but when I was walking up to her I did get a little nervous,” Spinner said. 

   Farhoudi had already known that he was going to ask her, and she was excited for it to happen. 

   Spinner presented her with a poster that read “Hey #9! Can I score a Formal date with you?” Farhoudi is a soccer player and wears a jersey with the number nine on it, so Spinner chose to set soccer as the theme.                   

   “I liked [the poster], and I liked the way he asked me. I was appreciative,” Farhoudi said.

   Freshman Skylar Chui and freshman Audrey Nelson also asked each other to formal. In the beginning, both of them had only joked about going to formal together, but then they decided to go with each other as friends. Since they had both known that they would ask each other and had planned it beforehand, it was not a surprise. They made the posters Harry Potter and Gossip Girl themed. 

   “I made a parody of a quote from gossip girl with Draco, a Harry Potter character, in it. We both quote Gossip Girl a lot and we both really like [the house of] Slytherin. I also got some green snacks and gifted it to her to add to the green theme,” Chui said.

   Senior Jonathan Phillips asked senior Megan Chou. 

   “I was super nervous to ask [her] to formal like any other person. It is always tense when someone has to ask another person to a dance,” Phillips said. 

   Knowing that Chou was golf player, Phillips chose to write something related to golf on the poster.

   “Megan is a fantastic golfer and loves to play. I thought it would be really fun if I made my poster with a lot of golf terms as a result,” Phillips said. 

   Phillips is looking forward to going on the rides, playing laser tag, and dancing at the boardwalk. One thing is certain, though: Pinewood students are all hoping to have a great time at the Winter Formal.