We all have needs. Food and sleep come to mind. But there is one need that goes above all others: water. Rehydrating is a basic function of animals on this planet. Dogs go to such lengths as to drink from the toilet! Even pet rocks need a bath every now and then. We humans need water so bad we’ll even buy expensive bottles of the stuff. Sometimes however, important classroom policies conflict with

this need.

   First, there is the step of drinking water. It isn’t accepted in our one and a half hour classes to take more than one bathroom or water break. This means that for the kids who don’t bring water bottles to school, we can only get water once. It isn’t insane; it’s just a little frustrating. What is insane is how frustrating it is if you are one of those kids who do bring a water bottle

to school.

   There is a predictable side effect to the need of drinking water. A consequent need, you might say. The need to pee. Personally, when I get into the groove of bringing a water bottle to school I drink water very regularly. It becomes very convenient and I start realizing how dehydrated I must become on a regular basis. It’s the best feeling! I’m getting in the hang of performing normal human functions. I feel cleansed and hydrated and refreshed. Until I remember why I don’t bring a water bottle to school. As I mentioned before, we are only allowed maybe one bathroom break per class block.

   I am calling out to all water bottle bringers, tea drinkers, coffee addicts, and others who drink school-approved-beverages on a regular basis. We know that when you get in a rehydration groove the one thing that will knock you out of it is that moment when you realize you need to ask for a second bathroom break in one class. You really need to go, but the teacher is dubious. They’ve already been “noticing a pattern with you.” You can’t possibly ask twice.

   I believe that asking for a bathroom break, two, or even three, is not “abusing” the bathroom policy. If students are caught using bathroom breaks for socializing, that is an issue. But taking a few three minute breaks during a 90 minute class block is not ridiculous. Students– humans– need to get up and move around. And some students are not lying when they say they really do need to go pee for the 18th time
this morning.