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‘Tis The Season to Be Giving


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It is the time of year when people can start hanging up colorful lights, decorating trees with festive ornaments, prancing in the snow, and participating in familial festivities. The holiday season is one of the most exciting and heart-warming times of the year for every family. Freshman Marco Calia associates Christmas with his Italian lineage, as he has the opportunity to congregate with cousins and other family members.

“We always buy seasonal treats and have a big feast,” Calia said. “My family is Italian; [they’re] from Sicily, so we normally eat lots of panettones, Italian fruitcake, and sometimes an Italian-American dinner called the feast of the seven fishes. We sometimes spend time together in the city and just hang out all Christmas week together! We get a tree and an advent calendar, [we] decorate, and [we] read Christmas books by the fire, a tradition that my family started when my sister and [I] were little.”

This season tends to correlate itself with gifts. There are a lot of different ways that families like to celebrate and open gifts during Christmas, but it all revolves around the element of family and happiness. Sometimes it’s just the event of the unwrapping that becomes the best gift of all. For Calia, he usually wakes up around 6:30 a.m. and opens presents honestly without any order. His family tries to orderly take turns, but it usually ends up with his dogs eating wrapping paper and  a resulting joyous chaos. The excitement of watching your friends’ and family’s reactions to the gift that you gave to them are precious.

One of the best ways to show appreciation to someone is by giving them a thoughtful gift. It could be handmade or store-bought. It doesn’t matter, as long as you put your heart into it. If your dad is a lawyer, give him a book full of lawyer puns — honestly, just find a way to demonstrate that you listen and care.

As you can see, gifts make both the one giving and the one receiving immensely happy. When seeing your little brother’s face illuminate with excitement after opening his LEGO set, you realize that nothing purchased can match such a heart-warming moment. The holiday season is a marathon of magical memories, twinkling lights, sugar celebrations, and thoughtful gifts. Start thinking about how you can make someone’s day, so that the holidays can be full of love. Although you should definitely try to delegate gifts for your family members, don’t leave out the beautifully intangible sensations that don’t fit in wrapping paper.