In Depth

Tips from Tasha



1. My friend keeps bringing her Juul to my house and using it every half hour. I’m worried about her health. I still want to be her friend, but I don’t want her to use it at all, let alone in my house. How do I bring it up?

  Juuling in any amount isn’t healthy, especially for adolescents. It may be hard to avoid an argument if she is using it so much — nicotine is addictive, thus your friend may be addicted. If you don’t want to bring up the health aspect with her, simply tell a trusted adult. As for using it in your house: it’s your house, your rules. Think of it as a simple “take off your shoes at the front door” styled rule. No juuling. Leave it on the doormat. If she disputes it, maybe she shouldn’t come over for awhile.

2. Everyone in my “group” of friends uses e-cigarettes. They have offered me theirs to try, but I’m anxious about using it. I don’t want to, but I’m scared that I won’t look as cool to them if I don’t. Plus, what do I do while they smoke? Just sit there on my phone? What should I do?

  Ah, peer pressure. You shouldn’t try it at all, especially if you don’t want to. Feeling anxious about trying it is a very healthy feeling! As for the “cool” aspect, Juul does not equal cool! If they are really your friends, they won’t think more or less of you if you do or don’t Juul. While they smoke, you can make conversation or just go somewhere else! It might be good to make some friends who don’t use Juuls so that you can hang out with them while your other friends smoke.