Time for Summer: Student’s Upcoming Adventures

By Catherine Blotter


With this year coming to a close, students are starting to prepare for their summer plans and vacations. Whether it’s being a camp counselor, touring colleges, traveling across the world, or simply just spending time with family at home, each student here at Pinewood has a different excursion waiting for them in a month and a half.

Junior Chloe Fiske shared her summer plans, having a vacation packed with awesome adventures, such as attending Stanford Jazz Camp as well as traveling to Hawaii.

She also plans to volunteer at one of her favorite summer camps, Life Moves, an organization that helps put families who are homeless in small homes or apartments.

Part of the deal that comes with receiving that home is that the parents have to get a job, resulting in the children needing babysitters. Fiske volunteers at this camp, babysitting the children of the working parents.

“We do many fun activities, such as going to the Exploratorium, Great America, or to the Apple Store, where they have set up gaming programs and fun activities for the children to do,” Fiske said.

Along with Life Moves, she also plans to be a counselor at Redwood Grove Camp and work at Halo Beauty Bar in downtown Los Altos.

Freshman Andreas Kamangar plans to travel to the country of Croatia with his family. He’s going for two weeks to see close friends. Along with Croatia, Kamangar’s summer will be filled with skateboarding, tennis camps, and a week-long coding camp at Stanford.

“I’m excited to skateboard and sleep mainly, and I wish that I’ll be able to do skateboard tricks,” Kamangar said.

Esmi Pistelak has quite the elegant and eventful summer planned ahead of her. Pistelak will mainly spend her vacation across the world in the Czech Republic. She will not only be visiting her family and friends that live there, but she also landed a spot in a Czech language class at the beautiful Charles University in Prague.

Lastly, junior Ethan Walsey will be spending his summer with friends and family, as well as working as an intern at the Boys and Girls Club. This is an organization that provides summer and after school activities, and enrichment programs for underprivileged youth all throughout the peninsula.

With such diverse summer plans between students at Pinewood, the community hopes that students fill their summer vacation with enriching activities, trips, or educational opportunities.

Whether students are traveling, going to summer camp, or simply working at the local beauty bar, creating exciting summer memories after school ends will forever feel special.