Arts and Culture



Three students from Pinewood created art pieces and submitted them to the Los Altos Rotary Young at Art Contest. Senior Haley Mathews, sophomore Cami Haber, and senior Stephanie Chui created unique pieces that, along with others, will be on exhibit to the public in downtown Los Altos until May 19. On May 20 and 21, the pieces will be on view at the Lincoln Park gazebo during the Los Altos Rotary Club’s annual “Fine Art in the Park” weekend art show.
Our three students excelled in the competition. Mathews won first place and a monetary prize of $150, and Haber and Chui tied for second, each receiving $100 toward their college fund.
Mathews was assigned to create artwork inspired by a quote. She opted to make a digital portrait of Elon Musk, a figure whom she holds in high regard, and included Musk’s quote “I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”
Her artwork shows Musk’s facial features defined by overlaid text against a blue background.
“It amazes me the way he is constantly seeking to change the world and how he challenges the impossible, no matter how many times he fails,” Mathews said.
Haber created a surrealist collage on a mobile art application called ProCreate. She took pictures from the Internet and collaged them to create a diverse scene. She chose to make the background a galaxy to represent the infinite possibilities that lie in store for the young girl in the foreground. The piece, filled with cosmic, urban, and childlike elements, explores many different themes including the complexity of the human experience. One way she evoked the surrealist prompt was layering a photo of the Northern Lights onto the water to show a reflection of the sky.
Chui’s piece was an in-class assignment focused on the concept of line in photography, particularly leading lines. By exploiting a small aperature, she managed to create drastic distinctions between the foreground and background and captured vibrant colors and bokeh, or blurred points of light, in her compositions.