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This Musical Is Not Just “For Tonight”



    Have you been wondering where Spencer and Shenelle Williams were at the beginning of this semester? The husband and wife music teachers were in Connecticut to oversee the production of their musical, “For Tonight.”

Spencer Williams and Shenelle Williams wrote the musical, “For Tonight,” together. They partnered with Whitney Rhodes to create the playbook for their musical; however, the Williams’ composed all of the music and lyrics for the show.

  “It was wonderful to be in the world of the musical for two full weeks without any distractions. We had the opportunity to work on the musical with incredible students [seniors] from Hartt University and Boston Conservatory – their dedication and hard work made everything worth it,” Spencer said.

  Recently, “For Tonight” was featured in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, an exceptional starting point for the show. After this festival came to an end, a new opportunity arose for the Williams to seize. They were invited to the Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals in Connecticut to participate in the production of their show, which is where the two have been for the past two weeks.

FOR TONIGHT square   Although the Williams were not directing the show in Connecticut, they actively provided creative advice for the play. The directors from the New York Musical Theatre Festival helped direct the play, and the pair were there to provide organization and management.

      “For Tonight” is about three children, Haydon, Nettie, and Thomas, who live in a small Welsh village. Their parents die due to an unknown illness, and the children then have look after each other. The story highlights the journey Haydon takes as he explores the world, ending with him having to  make a big decision. While Haydon is traveling around the world, he meets a gypsy named Mirela, and he then has to decide whether he wants to stay with her or go back home to take care of his ill sister and his family.

   “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on ‘For Tonight’ at Goodspeed Musicals. We are very lucky to have such a supportive community here at Pinewood that would allow us the time to work on it. We hope that from this opportunity that there will be other festivals, theatres, [and] producers interested in the work, and that one day, Broadway will be in our future!” Spencer said.