The Unification Party: Now is the time for a third party to rise up




 Quick! Watch the screen! Before you know it, a squirmish, nimble scandal ran across the left and yet another cunning, deceptive scandal ran across to the right. Never look away from the news; you don’t know what you just missed. Oh, look! Here it comes again. It arrives in the form of a decapitated head of our President or the blatant mockery of a disabled reporter. All these tidbits of information come and go faster than we blink our eyes, but do we care?

  Throughout the past few years, each side of political spectrum has been inundated with scandals, insensitivity, and outright false information. When coupled with the extreme ideals so often presented from each side, it seems obvious: a third party will rise up in 2020. A party of the non-career politician. A party to bridge the gap between the left and the right. A party to bring us together during one of the most divisive times in American history.

  Historically, third party candidates have not had success during presidential elections, but there has never been a period where the two main political parties are so divided. During the 2016 election, many “Never-Trumpers” questioned Trump and wondered why he was running as a Republican, often calling him a “fake Republican.” However, this strategy was able to secure him the presidency. Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, is running for president as a “centrist Independent.” In doing so, he could be called a “fake Democrat” and have a strong chance in the next election.

  Specifically, the party I think will rise up will include strong fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. As both sides throw out outrageous proposals which sound appealing on paper but don’t make any sense once implemented, America needs someone who understands money. No extra money needs to be taken from people to implement expanded healthcare benefits or welfare programs–it just needs to be managed properly. In addition, the average American who doesn’t fall on the extreme of either political party is very socially tolerant. This includes things such as supporting gay marriage or allowing people to do whatever they want, but still maintaining their right to free speech without restrictions.

  As partisan groups within America grow further and further apart, many people are longing to find a candidate who truly represents their values and not the extremes of either side. They long to share pride in America while welcoming others to join our society as we have since our inception. This ideal party would be called “The Unification Party.” Welcome all Unifiers, one and all!