The New Pride Spot



  Pinewood always changes a little over the summer. Sometimes the changes are noticeable, sometimes they are more subtle. This year, though, it’s pretty hard to miss the biggest change the campus underwent while we were all swimming and traveling.

   I’m talking, of course, about the new turf field that stretches across nearly half of Pinewood’s campus. Part of a plan implemented to “spruce up” the campus, the highly-anticipated field was finally completed last month.

   “It was a huge process,” athletic director Matt Stimson said. “We had to take out the old turf…and then the whole process of putting in the turf [alone] took 10
weeks plus.”

   Clearly, the new field isn’t just there to look good (although, let’s be honest, that may be a sizeable factor). It also offers an upgrade for the many teams that compete on it.

   Stimson said one of the biggest benefits of the field would be “no more turf burns,” referencing the notorious tendency of the old turf to tear players’ arm and leg skin away on contact, leaving a grisly wound–or battle scar, depending on how you looked at it. Where that field was hard, rough and more than a
little bit nasty, the new field is soft, springy
and clean.

   However, I believe that the field offers another advantage, one that is a bit hard to put into words. For me, this has to do with the paw print that sits on midfield. Since that was put in, the field is marked. It’s ours now. And as someone who is lucky enough to be able to play a sport on that field, it gives us something to defend.

   Our teams that step on that field, suited up, squaring off against schools near and far, have a new rallying cry: this new field is not just turf. It’s our turf.