The History of Pinewood Sports

By Riya Charora


Over the years at Pinewood, our sports teams have developed because of the players and the coaches, but the one who has been managing all the games at Pinewood is Athletic Director Matt Stimson.

  Stimson has been working at Pinewood for about 13 years while overseeing many changes in Pinewood sports.

  “A few sports have been added and junior high sports practice during their D and PE periods. And to keep this consistent, there have been multiple coaches and teachers who volunteer their time to coach our multiple [Pinewood] teams.” says Stimson

  “We have [also] stayed consistent with the percentage of students playing [high school] sports, around 70-75% [of them playing]”

  Since we have a myriad of Pinewood teams, our athletic department needs to make sure we have enough facilities to compensate for all the practices and games. A few sports have made the biggest impact on Pinewood’s athletic program. Football, in particular, has been an important one. Since “football is all about safety,” the athletic department has hired more staff. This includes an athletic trainer to monitor all the injuries and three to four coaches to manage the players more closely. 8-man football was introduced 10 years ago during the fall season to replace boys soccer which was moved to the winter season.

  “The main sport [we added] has been 8-man football. We tried to add girl’s [sports] across six to seven years ago but that did [not] have enough traction. I predict that it will be making another push in the next year or two,” thought Stimson.

  Pinewood is in the process of adding more sports teams. Currently, there is a large group of boys pushing for Pinewood to add a boys volleyball team. Stimson and the rest of the athletic staff are working to accommodate this new request.

  Throughout the years, new teams have been added at Pinewood and there has been challenges, but the athletic department has always worked tirelessly to ensure that Pinewood’s athletes get the best experience possible.