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The Fight for Perfection



Women struggle with the concept that they need to be the “ideal” woman: a woman who has a perfect body, is a part of her children’s lives, is successful, and puts food on the table for her family.

  When I was younger, the phrase “practice makes perfect” was engraved into my head by my strict ballet instructors, school teachers, and cross-country coaches. I was always striving for perfection, and when I took a step back, I knew I was far from it, even with the endless hours of practice and training. My confidence dwindled as the years went on, and I started to lose faith in myself.

  It felt as though everyone was constantly moving on ahead of me. In school, I repeatedly fell behind and thought that I was not capable enough. In sports and in dance, I compared myself to the people around me. I found myself always hoping to see improvement.

  Over the past couple of years, I have learned that it is within my control to achieve the grades I want. It is within my control to put my best efforts forth.

  Most women and young girls want to be respected as mothers as well as hard workers. Magazines and social media lead many women to desire perfect skin and perfect bodies. These days, people want it all. Media today broadcasts how to be a better mother, how to have clear skin, and how to be successful. In addition, many women feel pressure to mirror success achieved by those in high positions in today’s largest companies, like Apple or Google.

  The world is constantly nagging us with the myth of perfectionism. With people on social media sharing mostly the positive things in their lives, we often judge our worst self compared to others’ social media accounts. This frequently causes many to eventually lose patience in themselves.

 Today, the key phrases “I am not good enough” and “I will never be good enough” are used far too often in our culture. We are comparing ourselves to the non-existent perfect human. The truth is, no one can have it all, and although it may appear that some people do, they usually do not.

Out with the old phrase “I am not good enough” and in with the new “I am going to do everything I can.” Although the world is full of negativity and myths of perfect people, taking time off of social media and focusing on becoming your best self will help build a positive perspective.