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The Faces Behind Our Beautiful Campus



At Pinewood, we are fortunate enough to have teachers, faculty, principal, and everyone in between constantly contributing to the wellbeing of our campus. They make sure that we are happy and healthy. That being said, some of these good deeds often happen behind the scenes. These unsung heroes are responsible for keeping Pinewood in tip-top shape, and they work day in and day out to ensure that Pinewood maintains the beautiful atmosphere that we all know and love. One of these heroes, Brandon Carr, explained to us exactly why he chooses to devote his time to Pinewood.

“I come here and I see happy people, and those kinds of things really make me happy. There’s nothing better,” Carr said.

Carr works tirelessly to sweep, mop, and clean up just about every mess imaginable, along with Ray Bursese and other members of the team that are responsible for constantly improving and beautifying the campus. Carr, however, insists that everything about his job brings him immense joy.

“What’s my favorite part of my job? Cleaning up after you guys!” Carr said.

Alongside Carr, there are other members of the maintenance team who are usually hard at work. Raul Lopez, for example, is a friendly and familiar face around campus. Even if someone doesn’t know who he is, they’ve probably seen him whistling along or joking around with some of the high schoolers.

“I love the fact that I can be with people who are always respectful,” Lopez said. “I love the fact that everyone is always happy, and I love helping them.”

The Pinewood community is extremely grateful to them because our campus would be significantly duller without their presence. The workers at Pinewood who are on Lopez and Carr’s team are more than just employees, however. They are jokesters, often laughing and talking with the students and teachers and never failing to put a smile on their face. Their work can go unnoticed, but that does not decrease its significance.

Without this helpful team of workers, our school would no doubt appear less and less visually appealing, and this would not be a coincidence. Their work is extremely impactful, and they love doing it. In fact, when asked about what they could change about their job, if anything, Lopez and Carr both agreed that they would change nothing at all.

“I love the conditions where I work … I don’t think I would change anything at all,” Lopez said.