The Entrepreneurship Cup



  The Entrepreneurship Cup, Pinewood’s newest competition, has officially started, as of Nov. 16. The Cup is an annual school wide competition with the goal of fostering innovation among students, as well as faculty. The Entrepreneurship Cup allows students and faculty to submit ideas, no matter how simple or complex, to the Entrepreneurship Club board, which then chooses the best idea from each grade. The chosen students will then create presentations to be shown at a school assembly in December, where students and faculty will pick a winner through Kahoot.

After the winner is chosen, the real work begins for both the winner and the club. The winner of the Cup will partner with the Entrepreneurship Club and spend the next six months working to turn their idea into a reality. Development of the idea will occur through a combination of both in-house development and third party developers that the Club will partner with once the winner is chosen. After the idea has been developed, the club will begin to market, and possibly even sell, the product. Alternatively, if the idea is created with the Pinewood community in mind, the product may also be directly distributed among the Pinewood community.

   Outside of the Cup, the Entrepreneurship Club also develops apps for the Pinewood community to use on campus, as well as designs websites for Pinewood and local businesses. They have already created sites for a couple of restaurants in Palo Alto and used the profits to invest in cryptocurrency.

   The Entrepreneurship Club was created with the goal of embodying the two biggest aspects of the Silicon Valley: start-ups and technology. The club allows students to develop their expertise in the fields of business, programming, and management, as well as being a place for students to earn some extra money.

   Some members even carry their passion for entrepreneurship outside of the club. Entrepreneurship has been a long time interest of senior David Bromberg, who is the co-leader and founder of the Entrepreneurship Club.

“My interest in entrepreneurship probably started when my dad started a company in seventh grade,” Bromberg said. Since then, Bromberg has started his own company, which specializes in programs to help users purchase limited release apparel. Senior Arnav Aggarwal, the other co-founder and leader of the club, also shares Bromberg’s passion for entrepreneurship

        “[Entrepreneurship] is the chance to take whatever skills, ideas, and grit you have and push them past your limit. Entrepreneurship gives you the canvas and the chance to make whatever you want with it,” said Aggarwal.