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How can life at Pinewood impact students’ futures at college?
Extracurriculars, as well as academics, leave an impression on all high school students. 2016 Pinewood
graduate Ketki Samel currently attends University of California, Berkeley and recently earned the copy editor position on the Berkeley
newspaper, The Daily Californian.

Samel was on the journalism staff for all four years of her high
school career, serving as copy editor her junior year and co-editor-in-chief her senior year. After a long
application and a copy editor’s test, Samel was offered the position on The Daily Cal. She was later informed that there were over 50 students competing for only four copy editor spots.

“The strong academic background, especially thanks to all my great teachers
at Pinewood, was a huge help in my
transition to Berkeley,” Samel said.

Samel will be working with around 300 people on The Daily Cal, compared to the staff of
about 40 at Pinewood. Even though The Daily Cal is much larger than The Panther Prints, Samel said
that the sense of community of the Pinewood and Berkeley papers
is very similar. As a student, she values the social aspect of a journalism group. One student she grew close with through journalism was
co-editor-in-chief Priya Sundaresan.

“Ketki’s initiative, attention to detail, leadership, and versatility helped us stay on track for every issue,”
Sundaresan said.

Samel is looking forward to using this opportunity to meet new people and learn from students
who have previously worked on The Daily Cal. She has taken her experiences from Pinewood and applied
them to her new job at a college
level newspaper.

“Being a copy editor at Pinewood definitely gave me a good background for this job in  terms of being familiar with AP style and the InDesign
software,” Samel said.

Due to Berkeley having more than 35,000 students, Samel will be exposed to a wider variety of
articles that are written by a diverse group of people. Rather than
editing a small selection of stories, she will be faced with a greater volume of articles at Berkeley,
but she feels prepared from all her
writing practice during high school.

“I frankly am the happiest when I’m insanely busy, so I’m really enjoying having a full schedule of classes, as well as being part of The Daily Cal,”
Samel said.

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