The Chronicles of Craig



We all see him every day out on the tennis courts, privately coaching the parents of Pinewood students during school hours and, afterwards, the boys and girls tennis teams. Since 2005, Craig Corfield has coached the Pinewood boys and girls tennis teams, while also privately coaching the parents of the Pinewood community.

Corfield moved to Pinewood after coaching at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club. He felt that not only did Pinewood provide him with the opportunity to continue his private coaching, but also to pass on his knowledge to the Pinewood players. Corfield began his tennis career when he was eight years old. Corfield’s idol and role model has always been tennis player Roger Federer, who he refers to as “The G.O.A.T..”  

Growing up in the Bay Area, Corfield attended Homestead High School in Cupertino, where he played #1 singles all his four years there and was offered a few scholarships for college. Corfield tried to pursue a professional tennis career, so he began attending tournaments across the U.S. and even played in the 1986 Olympic Qualifiers, just missing the qualifying threshehold. His career later ended when he broke his arm. He eventually returned to the Bay Area where he now coaches.

Now Corfield hopes to pass on his knowledge to both the boys and girls tennis teams and the parents of the Pinewood community.  All three of Corfield’s daughters, Laine (class of 2016), Lauren (class of 2018) and Linsey (class of 2022) play or have played on the Pinewood girls tennis team, continuing his tennis legacy. Corfield expects the boys tennis team to perform outstandingly this year with reutrning talent, such as senior Quincy Linder, and new faces, such as junior Peter Schusser