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The Apple Under My Watchful Eye



  What time is it? It’s time for you to get a watch–an Apple Watch. Apple is changing the watch industry with its latest product. The Apple Watch features the dimensions of other watches yet all of the functions of an iPod touch.   

   The Watch, which will start at $349, comes in six different colors, including silver aluminum and space black, which can be paired with six different bands and buckles. There are three different models. The Apple Watch, meant for an average user, is the simplest model; it features stainless steel as well as space black steel cases. The Watch Sport, designed for athletes, comes in silver and space grey colors; it features a lightweight anodized aluminum body. Finally, the ‘Watch Edition’ is the luxury collection that has cases made up of 18-carat gold.

   “The new Apple watch will come in more options than previous Apple devices, so people will have more choices to select from,” said Charle Sims, a technician working at the Palo Alto Apple Store.

   Apart from its design, the Apple Watch allows its users to receive message, calls, and mail. Users will no longer need to take out a phone to call others, but instead they can link that phone to the Apple Watch to make calls. In addition, the watch allows users to share sketches, sound bits, and gentle taps (vibrations the watch emits) with their contacts. Moreover, the watch has a program designed for running, which includes measuring one’s heart rate, time, and distance. To top all this off, the Apple Watch allows users to connect their credit cards to Apple Pay, a virtual wallet, so that they can pay using just their watch.

   “I am very excited about the Apple Watch, and I can’t wait for when it comes out,” Sims said. “I believe that this watch will forever change how Americans keep
track of time.”

   I personally think that this watch is superior to its predecessors (the Galaxy Watch, Moto 360, and LG G Watch) because it offers more applications and options to its users. That being said, the watch you select will come down to the type of phone you have.

   Regardless of your OS preference, watches will reform the watch industry significantly. All from your wrist, you can hear, feel, and respond to notifications. No longer do you have to rummage through your bag for your phone.