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      This April, coming to a theatre very near you, is the show you’ve all been waiting for: “The Addams Family”!

   Auditions for the Pinewood spring musical are coming up on Feb. 2-5, and rehearsals will start on Feb. 22.

The show will have approximately 20 people on the cast, and many students are planning to audition.

    “I’m excited – I love acting; I love being in the plays,” sophomore Becca Riches said.

   The musical premiered in 2009 in Chicago, and is based on the TV series and movie. Some changes have been made to plot and characters. For example, Wednesday and Pugsley, the Addams kids, are far more grown up, and the strait-laced Beineke family is introduced. However, the overarching themes from the TV series and movies are still present.

   “When I first heard there was an ‘Addams Family’ musical, I wrote it off as dumb, but as I have had a chance to get to know the show, I see there are so many wonderful moments of not only comedy but truth,” Musical Director Katie Linza said.

   The show is family friendly, and has many comedic characters that will send the audience into fits of laughter.

   “[I’d like to be] Lurch, because he doesn’t have lines; he just groans,” sophomore Keenan Peery said.

   The two-hour long show will run for seven performances at the upper campus theatre: April 21 to 23 at 7 p.m., and April 30 at both 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Seating will cost $25 for general admission, and $35 for VIP seating. It will be
choreographed by dance teacher Carrie Davis.

   “Learning harmonies and learning choreography are always a challenge, and there is quite a bit of dance in the show,” Linza said.

   This challenge is one of the reasons that “The Addams Family” was chosen as the musical for this year.

  “We like a good challenge, and this show
certainly provides one,” Linza said. “Though comedy looks effortless, it is actually very difficult to do well, but when successful, the results are such a pleasure to experience.”

   The sets and costumes of the musical will be inspired by the Addams Family Comics.

   “We are really looking forward to this production! It’s a goofy, over the top, yet sweet show… Though ridiculous and fun, [it] will be a big challenge for student actors, and we’re looking forward to guiding and watching the students grow from this experience,” Linza said.