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The 101 on Zoë Bruno



   “I’m in love with my daughter,” Pinewood Activities Director Jackee Bruno said.

   On Sep. 22, Zoёy Bruno was born to the proud parents of Jackee and Emily Bruno. Zoё, also known as “Jackee’s baby,”is already famous in the Pinewood community even though most have never met her. Only two people have: athletic director Matt Stimson, who was there at her birth and sophomore Nicole Saltzman, Zoё’s god sister.

   “She has Jackee’s nose, Jackee’s eyes and she was just a cutie; tiny, tiny, tiny,” Stimson said.

   “I love her so much and she’s adorable,” Saltzman said.

   Zoё is now only about a month old, and according to Bruno, she is already starting to show impressive skills that are normally present in older babies.

   “She is pretty impressive as a baby. She is doing things early already, like sleeping a lot and trying to stand up, eye contact,” Bruno said.

   According to Bruno and Saltzman, Zoё is cheerful and hardly fussy. She barely even cries.

   But, when she does, “It’s kind of a joke. It lasts for one or two seconds and we find it funny,” Bruno said.

   Saltzman and Stimson, who only met Zoё once when she was just born, also answer with very
similar answers.

   “She’s super chill for a baby… she let out one yelp and didn’t cry for the rest of the time,” Saltzman said. “She is being passed around to everyone and she just kinda sits there making faces with her tongue sticking out.”

   Zoё also seems to have a mischievous side.

  “When my wife was changing her diaper and she waited until the diaper was off for the main event; just one and two and got pretty good distance on it,” Bruno said.

   Stimson also described a favorite moment as well.

   “The best part for me was when I brought Jackee’s mom from the airport [and] I saw Jackee give Zoё to grandma; it was really precious,” Stimson said. “Jackee is gonna be a tremendous father.”