Tennis Travels

  Recently, the varsity girls tennis team took a trip down south to Monterey to play in the 62nd annual Santa Catalina Tennis Invitational, which happens to be the longest-running female high school tournament of any sport in the state of California. This was Pinewood’s twentieth consecutive year participating in the multi-day event, held at three different schools in the area. Led by coach Craig Corfield and its captains, juniors Ainsley Carpenter and Esmi Pistelak, the team made the trek to Monterey for the two-night trip. The girls played three matches and were 1-2-0 overall. However, winning matches was not the main goal of the trip; unifying the team, which spans all four grade levels, was truly the point of the tournament.

  Inevitably, travel and overnight trips will do wonders for bonding any group, and the girls tennis team is no exception. Sophomore Sophie Ashley says,

  “I feel like I got to know everyone better and see a side of each person that I don’t get to see in a school setting ,”

  and junior Anna Kozlov agrees:

  “After going [to Catalina] I feel like I know everybody on the team and even got closer to some girls I already knew.”

  Newer players shared the sentiment; freshman Lynsie Corfield had a blast, and thinks that,

  “I speak for all the girls in my grade when I say going into this season as a freshman was a little nerve racking and scary, but after this trip we realized that we had nothing to worry about and that all the girls are amazing! I felt just as much a part of the team as a junior or a senior.”

  Apparently “girl time” was the most popular event of the trip, as all three girls agreed that their favorite team-bonding moment was    

  “When everyone came into one of the rooms and we all had so much fun dancing around and singing and talking about everything going on with in our lives with no filter.”

  Says Ashley,   

  “I love this sport and the people on my team so it doesn’t matter if we win or lose because we always try our best, learn to get better, and have a blast.”

  Corfield adds on,

  “Now I’m really excited for this season.”