Teacher Feature: Scott Green

By Florencia Rodriguez-Stuebe


   This year, Pinewood welcomed several new teachers to Upper Campus. However, some students just might recognize a familiar face among them. This year, after returning to his hometown for two years, math teacher Scott Green has made his return to Pinewood.

   In 2017, after 30 years of teaching, Green decided to move back home to Chicago, ready for a change. Though he took up tutoring in Chicago, he soon found out that he was not ready to give up teaching. 

   “It took me about a year and a half to realize that this is what I should be doing and I probably should never have left in the first place,” Green said.

   This time around, Green hopes to take advantage of Pinewood’s unique family environment and get more involved with the faculty. He’s also ready to get back to what he loves about his job. 

   “I guess I just get a charge out of when I see someone understanding a concept,” he said. 

   As many students may know, another passion math teacher Scott Green has outside of teaching is watching football, particularly the Chicago Bears. 

   “I am a huge Bears fan,” Green said. “That was a big thing with my dad and I, his favorite team was the Bears…I have been a Bears fan ever since I was eight.”

   Green is excited to watch the Bears this upcoming season, and, despite their rocky start, he has high hopes for a successful year. He is also a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team and college basketball, he noted.

   However, what students may not know is that Green also loves music and history. 

   “I really enjoy listening to music, and I have a really big collection,” Green said. 

   He mostly listens to rock music, anything from Motown to the Rolling Stones to Maroon 5. In college, Green almost minored in history. While Green did not love the massive amount of assigned reading, he still enjoys reading about history in his free time, particularly books about the Civil War.

   Some of Green’s former students now have the chance to have him as their teacher again. 

   Junior Micaela Rodriguez Steube said that she was elated to hear that she would have Green for AP Calculus AB, after having him for geometry in eighth grade. 

   “His enjoyment of the subject and of the class rubs off on the rest of us in the class,” Rodriguez Steube said, “and that makes me really excited to learn everything that we will be learning this year.”

   Pinewood is happy to have Green back on their roster of wonderful math teachers. Not only is Green back to doing what he loves, but Pinewood students are able to appreciate Green’s teaching style once again.