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Teacher Feature: Mrs. Fields

Photo taken by Annika Duan





  Jaime Fields is one of the Pinewood social studies teachers at Pinewood who specializes in government and United States history. Fields has been teaching at Upper campus for six of her twelve years as a teacher. In the past, when Fields taught on the East Coast, she focused on sociology, world history, and African history. Fields spent her childhood in Maryland and part of her career on other parts of the East Coast.

  Out of all of the students Fields assists, she enjoys working with seniors the most.

  “They are almost adults and can apply their knowledge to the real world…[seniors] can start learning about their voting rights,” Fields said.

  Fields feels at home when she is with the Pinewood community. Her most memorable experience at this school was the Lip Sync. She and Ms. Miller were a dynamic duo, dancing on stage for the entire audience.

  Aside from teaching, Fields enjoys rescuing dogs, music, and traveling. She has adopted two dogs and fosters more.

  Fostering is only one of her numerous passions. In her free time, Fields creates jewelry pieces using a torch. Recently, she molded rings out of gold and silver. Once a month, she sells her pieces at a flea market in San Francisco.

  Additionally, yoga is her favorite way to exercise and relax. Fields listens to electronic and hipster music, particularly, the album “Tame Impala”. As for world travels, she loves visiting Thailand and exploring new cities. Her interest in cities brought her to San Francisco, when she was deciding where to live in the Bay Area.

  In the future, Fields sees herself teaching government, as that is her primary interest. She will continue to make jewelry and serve the community. We are fortunate to have Fields at Pinewood to share her knowledge and unique passions with us.