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Teacher Feature: Marvin Coote

By Ethan Walsey


Due to the fact that the 2018-2019 school year is sadly coming to an end, the air at Pinewood is abuzz with the talk of colleges. Seniors are rejoicing about having a place to call home after they leave Pinewood campus, juniors are scrambling to complete standardized testing, and sophomores are about to begin their journey of applications. Applying to colleges, however, is no easy feat, and it requires hours upon hours of test preparation, essay writing, and meetings. Only one question remains: who is the mastermind behind getting all of these bright young Pinewoodians into their colleges of choice?

Marvin Coote is the Director of College Counseling at Pinewood. To some, Coote is a familiar face; sophomores and juniors often have meetings with Coote to discuss school, college, and future plans.

Others, however, may not know Coote due to the fact that they simply don’t have to worry about college just yet. So, now is an excellent time to shed some light on this wonderful teacher from whom students learn a lot, even though he doesn’t give daily lectures in the classroom setting.

“How was my first year at Pinewood? It was fun! It was great,” Coote said, reminiscing. “I loved meeting you guys. Lots of different conversations, friendly kids.

It’s great!”

It’s clear that helping students get into college is a task that Coote loves being responsible for. Most people that go to business meetings dread the very thought of them. Coote, on the other hand, actually makes the case that they are his favorite thing about his work.

“I don’t like sitting down in front of a computer, pumping out reports,” Coote said. “When kids want to meet with me, I’m like sure, yeah! That’s the best part. I actually hate being cooped up in my office. That’s why you’ll almost never find me in there. Meeting with students [is the] best part of the job.”

The students that he meets with, on the other hand, obviously love Coote just as much as he loves them.

“He’s great!” said a junior. “It’s obvious that he really cares [about us]. He doesn’t see college counseling as a chore. He sees it as an opportunity to change lives.”

It is very much evident that Marvin Coote enjoys his job to an extent to which the students, due to Coote’s confidence in them, can rest easy knowing that their future college experiences are in good hands.