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taking patents to new “heits”



   In fifth grade, Ryder Heit had an idea that would make cooking easier for everyone. Two and a half years later, the Pinewood eighth grader has a patent on his
former vision.

   Setting an oven with the correct temperature and for the right time is not always self-explanatory. Frustrated by this experience, Heit set out to create something that could perform this task for him. His idea includes an oven that is compatible with
his app.

   The app has two different functions depending on what the user wants to cook. A user would scan a barcode on the desired food product, and the app would then send the information for the temperature and time via Bluetooth to the oven. It can also read recipes from cook books or the internet. Then it would send that information not only to the oven but also to a grocery store where the ingredients would be assembled. The app would give the user detailed instructions for preparing the meal.

   The patent Heit just received is for his method of cooking that is associated with the food package. In order to get this patent, Heit submitted his idea to the United States Patent and Trademark office and had to wait at least six months before hearing back. His product was evaluated on uniqueness and nitpicked for flaws. After re-submission and acceptance, Heit had to pay the fee associated in owning a product, which concluded the patent process.

   “My favorite part of the whole process was when I got the patent, no question,”
Heit said.

   Throughout the patent process, Heit was assisted by his father Warren Heit, a patent lawyer. Warren helped Ryder prepare his application, which has to accurately depict his idea, but Ryder came up with the idea on
his own.

   “I simply helped Ryder develop the ideas so that his patent would cover different ways of implementing them,” Warren said.

   Currently, Ryder is in the process of getting patents for his invention, so there is no current oven product. But, an iPhone app that encompasses parts of Ryder’s invention is being developed.

  With the cooking technology patent process coming to a close, Ryder hopes to receive more patents for
future inventions.