Swinging for the fence

By Romin Vasishta


The Pinewood Varsity Baseball Team is undefeated so far in its league with a 7-0 record. With this record, the team has currently managed to take first place in the league. For the past two seasons, this team has taken the championship of its league.

  According to Freshman Owen Terry, the team is not planning on breaking the streak. “I think that if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we have a pretty good shot at winning the league championship like this year,” Terry said.

  Many might think that the team wins its games because of a strict practice schedule every day or because of harsh coaching. However, the team’s almost nonchalant attitude in practices is what pulls the the players together. “I feel like the team is doing so well because of how well we bond together during practices and even games,” Terry said. This mindset stated by Terry is obvious to almost the whole school as the music from the baseball team is heard from all corners of the campus.

  The coaches of this team are David Kawamoto, Sheldon McClelland, and Andre Robinson. These coaches plan out every detail of the practices and what needs to be done in them. The team usually practices and plays games at Purissima Park, which is about ten minutes away from Pinewood. The practices are where the work happens to keep this undefeated streak alive. A typical baseball practice at Purissima Park starts off with a coordinated warm up session for about thirty minutes. The players are later split up into different groups. There is usually a group batting against live pitching in the batting cages, while another group is practicing defensive skills on the field by fielding ground balls and fly balls. Specific pitchers are taken out to throw pitches in the bullpen while the groups are doing their drills. The groups then switch stations so that everyone has a chance to practice every aspect of the game. Although this may seem strict, the team creates a fun and hard-working atmosphere.

  These practices create a team dynamic that separates this team from all of the other teams in the league. There are six more games to end out the season and hopefully keep the streak going of winning the league championship.