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   Walk through the door and you’re immediately met with an enticing aroma of freshly baked baguettes. Looking in the display case, you see decadent raspberry tartlets, the
berries gleaming in the light, and an assortment of macaroons, each one promising to bring waves of pleasure cascading in your mouth. As your eyes continue to explore the beckoning
desserts, you cock your ear and hear a beautifully vibrant symphony of violins and piano. No, you’re not in a café in downtown Paris. You’re in La PanotiQ, a chic and modern French café in downtown Mountain View on Castro Street that had its grand opening this month.

   The name is a play on words – a combination of panorama and bibliothéque, which is French for library, to mean a
library of panoramas. La PanotiQ does exactly this – it offers extensive views and explorations into a variety of different worlds, whether it’s the freshly brewed cappuccinos, savory salads, hearty sandwiches, and of course its multifaceted and endless selection of desserts (tiramisu, chocolate ganaches, meringues, and fruit tarts, to name a few).

       If that wasn’t enough to make you want to visit, La
PanotiQ utilizes completely organic, local, and fresh ingredients for all its food. Each morning, the bread is baked while the pastries and desserts are made fresh throughout the day. Furthermore, the coffee that La PanotiQ serves is made from fair-trade organic coffee beans, meaning they have been farmed in a socially sustainable manner. Their tea leaves are from a local company that utilizes additive-free and small-batch farms, and their organic meats are delivered from
Petaluma, pesticide and nitrate free. Furthermore, the butter that La PanotiQ uses is AOP, which means that it is guaranteed to be the highest quality, richest butter out there.

   Now you might be wondering: what’s the point of all this? Why draw attention to this one bakery? Well, not only does it serve amazing food in a genuine and welcoming French atmosphere, it is also owned by a Pinewood family. That’s right, La PanotiQ is owned by Maria Guterman – senior Michelle Guterman’s sister. After first having a vision for La PanotiQ back in 2014, Maria opened her first store in Campbell in August the same year. Only six months later, La PanotiQ has locations in Campbell, San Francisco, Mountain View, and is planning to expand into Livermore, Berkeley, and a
second location in SF. This amazing growth and expansion is a
testament to the deliciousness and quality of the food.

Finally, La PanotiQ also supports Pinewood by hiring
workers from the student body, such as seniors Alex Krohn and Gabby Rose.

   So, Pinewood students, teachers, and parents, if you would like to give some support to a Pinewood family-owned
bakery that employs Pinewood students while offering a unique and sophisticated French experience, don’t hesitate to come to La PanotiQ.