Survival Guide: Black Friday



   Black Friday is probably the most stressful day of the year: millions rush to crowded stores and fight like animals over the best deals. The doors open, and stampedes of people trample stragglers in an attempt to get what they want. Even though it may seem like a lost cause, if you want to attempt going for the gold, here are a few tips and tricks to have a smooth(ish) Black Friday.

   First, when the deals for your favorite stores are released, take note of which items you want the most-like a new iPad, video game, or television. Then you should make a list of what stores you want to go to first. That way, you won’t be frantically running around the store trying to remember exactly what you should be looking for. Like a football player on gameday, this great game plan will give you a good chance of snagging that television or iPad.

   And go with a few friends or family members. That way, you can split up and cover more ground when searching for the items you need. Plus it would be a lot more fun than just going by yourself.

   Also, remember safety first. If a store looks too crazy, don’t go in. A new iPad isn’t worth a great amount of pulling, pushing, shoving, and trampling. Try and go to stores that look more civilized and orderly, if this is at all a possibility.

   Black Friday may seem daunting, but with a sharp game plan, some friends, and a positive attitude, you’re within reach of your prize.