Suprise…More Parking Problems



   The Pinewood parking lot. A place where there are inevitably too many cars, and too little space. A place of cramped spots and scratched bumpers. A place that every Pinewoodian has to deal with.

    Everyone has been in Pinewood’s cute, circular shape parking lot that acts as the entrance to the school. It makes up around one-third of our campus, yet every year there seems to be a problem with parking. The parking lot used to be a prime social hangout spot, but now loitering is banned and monitored by the teachers. Still, it is a place where many upperclassmen spend a lot of their time in.

   With only around 200 high schoolers, Pinewood’s campus is tiny. This also means that the parking lot is tiny. Many of the best spots are reserved for the staff, so parking has become difficult for
many students.

   To maximize space, Pinewood has implemented the process of “double parking.” This means that for every one spot, two cars can fit. It seems like a great idea, but it leads to lots of problems. For example, sometimes you have no choice but to park in the first spot, but then you get parked in. I’ve been late for countless appointments because I couldn’t find the person that parked me in, and couldn’t leave.

   This leads to a battle for the three coveted single spots in the middle of the lot.

   Parking is first come, first serve, so this is one of the reasons people strive to get up early to secure the ideal parking spots.

   However, lots of the time, seniors snag the best spots. I’ve never understood this, as they have all of senior island, the infamous center of the parking spot reserved for seniors, which consists of no double spots to choose from.

   If things weren’t difficult enough already, almost all of Pinewood’s spots are slanted at an angle, which makes parking for inexperienced drivers a challenge. Especially with big cars, people end up taking up two or even three spots with one car, and there just simply is not enough room for that. It is just rude and obnoxious to take up more space than needed, yet some people find it funny and do it to show off.

   This leads to even more cramped spots, which is a recipe for disaster. Luckily no major accidents have occurred in the Pinewood parking lot, but small bumper scratches are commonplace.

   Combine all of this with the lengthy, and often slow-moving parking line that accumulates before the bell rings at three. It’s no wonder that students dread trying to leave at the end of
the day.

   So please Pinewood, let’s all strive to make the Pinewood parking lot a better place by being better drivers.