Super Bowl XLIX: A Battle For The Ages



  The Super Bowl is set and Tom Brady is back in it again along with the rest of his New England Patriots. Going up against the Seattle Seahawks, I believe the Patriots have the advantage in Super Bowl XLIX because they have the more experienced quarterback and the smarter coach.

   Brady, a three time Super Bowl winner, is about going to be playing in his sixth Super Bowl this coming Sunday. No other quarterback has been to more Super Bowls, thrown more touchdown passes in the postseason, and won more postseason football games than he has in his career. Brady alone has more postseason wins than 21 other NFL organizations. In his first three Super Bowls he won all three, but then in his previous two Super Bowls he has not come away as the champion. Brady has experienced both sides of the scoreboard on the big day. Just this season his New England Patriots went down 14-0 and 28-14 at two different times in the Divisional playoff game. Both times he rallied his offense and marched down the field to ultimately take the lead and eventually win the game. Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ quarterback, has only been to one Super Bowl and although he did well, he is facing a different team, lead by a much better postseason quarterback.

  Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ head coach, is the all time leading head coach for most postseason wins. He and Brady have combined for three Super Bowls and the most wins of a Quarterback, head coach tandem. Belichick has shown both his football guts and his smarts in the last two postseason games. In the Patriots’ game against the Ravens, he chose to run the football four times in the second half. They were a quarterback sneak and three quarterback kneels. In their next game Belichick had Legarrette Blount, the Patriots’ running back, carry the football 30 times for 148 yards. When Belichick has a gut feeling about something it usually works out for the Patriots.

    Belichick also knows football. In the Patriots’ last two games, he has run offensive formations that have never been seen in the NFL. They are completely legal, but very confusing for the opposing defense. He has four true offensive lineman and then a slot receiver becomes ineligible.  This receiver is considered the fifth lineman, but the defense sometimes cannot pick up which receiver is ineligible before the play starts.

  The New England Patriots have more experience in the big game, both good and bad. That is why, when it comes down to the final drive, look for Brady and Belichick to work their magic and experience.