Super Bowl LIII


Staff Writer


   On Feb. 3, two great teams will face off. For the third time in a row since 2016, the New England Patriots are headed to Super Bowl LII to compete against the L.A. Rams. It is a rematch of the 2002 Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Rams, breaking the AFC eight-year losing streak. Both teams came off tough overtime games in their conference championships. In the AFC championship, the New England Patriots played the Kansas City Chiefs. In a close game, the Chiefs were able to score 24 points in the fourth quarter, forcing the game into overtime, where the Patriots eventually won by a two-yard touchdown by running back Rex Burkhead. In the NFL championship game, the New Orlean Saints played against the L.A. Rams in an upsetting loss, 26-23, for the Saints, which some blame on the referees. Despite all this, the Patriots are set to face off against the Rams on Sunday, Feb. 3.

  The Patriots are lead by Bay Area local Tom Brady. One of football’s most famous quarterbacks, Brady is leading his team to his ninth Super Bowl, of which they have won five. The 40-year old quarterback has completed 65.8% of his passes for 4,355 yards while scoring 29 touchdowns, and throwing 11 interceptions this season. Despite these stats, which were low for Brady this season, Brady has consistently proven himself in his games by always making the big-time plays when they are needed. His first Super bowl win was back in 2002 against the Rams, so his sixth might be against them again.

  Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff, may not be as well known as Brady, but he is still the powerhouse of the Rams’ strong offense. A young rookie and California local, Goff is similar to Brady in his statistics; he threw 64.9% completion rate for 4,688, though he scored 32 touchdowns and threw 12 interceptions. Goff’s style of play is different than Brady’s, and he plays at a much quicker speed than Brady and hopes to bring that to the newer generation of NFL players

  Other players to watch for in the Super Bowl include Rob Gronkowski and Rex Burkhead for the Patriots and Phillip Dorsett and Sammy Watkins for the Rams. These players are not only essential to each team’s offense, they are going to make the difference for each team on Super Bowl Sunday. At the moment, ESPN predicts that the Rams are going to beat the Patriots, but there is a chance that this Super Bowl could be a repeat of the one in 2002. The Patriots versus the Rams will no doubt be a great game to watch.