Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out



   From energetic kindergarteners to enthusiastic seniors, the Pinewood Jamboree was booming with people running through the turf in giant hamster balls to people filling their stomachs with
deluxe Krispy Kreme donuts. Booths ranging from the Spanish Honor Society’s churros and Pulsera bracelets to the juniors’ milkshakes, this year’s Jamboree on October 17 offered something for everyone to do.

   At previous Jamborees, computer teacher Phil Ribaudo always won multiple prizes from the raffle. This year, however, a new rule was put in place, allowing Ribaudo to only win a whopping one prize. Ironically, Ribaudo didn’t end up winning anything this year. Pinewood’s exciting loot this year included a GoPro, a playstation PS4, an iPad mini, and a toy helicopter to name a few.

   The Lower, Middle, and Upper Campus choirs also contributed to the day’s excitement. The
adorable Lower Campus choir sang three songs, while the Middle Campus choir sang two of their own songs. The Upper Campus choir sang an acapella version of the popular Lorde song
“Royals.” To top it all off, all three choirs came together to sing the valiant, authentic Pinewood School anthem.

   People also raved about the haunted house.

   “I think being in the haunted house was my favorite. It was cool to see what each grade could do with their tiny space, and it turned out pretty great,” ASB activities representative Matt Kuo said.