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Students vs. Cold: Guide to Surviving the Winter


   For those who have spent their entire lives accustomed to the mild weather in California, winter can be a difficult time. You may find your ability to function, which we all know is already at an all time low at 8:00 a.m., slowing even more thanks to the chilly weather. It may seem like there is no escape, that freezing is the only option, but fear not- the cold is survivable. With the following tips on how to stay warm, healthy, and stylish, anyone can beat the cold weather.

   At school, the temperature of many classrooms can vary, which is why the most important rule during the cold is to layer. Layers are easy to remove and throw on depending on the climate of each classroom. Plus, layering is an
awesome way of accessorizing. Scarves, hats, sweaters, and vests are perfect attire for the constantly
changing weather and add a flair to any outfit.

   “I love cotton because it’s innovative. Down jackets, vests, and flannels are always good for a cold day. And wool socks are key, but they must be patterned wool socks to be sufficiently warm and stylish,” junior Matt Kuo said.

   There’s no harm in getting sneaky with layering. If you’re in a rush and have no time to pick out something attractive to wear, there is no shame in throwing on two pairs of pants, socks, or even underwear.

   “I like wearing two pairs of pants without telling people. During finals, I came to school wearing two pairs and no
one noticed,” junior Maddie Wheatley said.

   Aside from the clothes students wear to school, snug at-home wear is also necessary. While doing homework, bundle up in a robe and slippers. The best asset in the winter is warm feet. Slippers are great as they are both super fun and cuddly. Treat yourself by picking up a pair or microwavable slippers at Target and staying cozy all winter long. But, make sure you do not exceed the limit of microwavable minutes on the slippers, or your cozy footwear will turn into a messy microwave.

   Aside from picking the right clothing, it’s important students stay active, or else the cold will stupefy students’ brains and bodies. Exercises like jogging, dancing, and hiking are easy ways to get the heart racing and the
blood flowing.

   “I find that if I run twenty to thirty minutes in the
morning, I will be warm for the rest of the
day,” English teacher Ellie Pojarska said.

   If staying active doesn’t do the trick, treat yourself to a
sugary indulgence. Warm beverages are essential to ward off the cold. If you are ever in need of a dose of warmth, look no farther than to the classic: hot chocolate with whipped cream. The warm temperature sends a blast of
fuzzy goodness through the skin while the sugar sends a jolt of delectable energy through the veins. A
small hot chocolate can be a lifesaver on a cold morning.