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Student council and NHS sweeten pinewood



The week before President’s break, the National Honor Society brought some Valentine spirit to Upper Campus as they sold candy grams. These brightly colored bags of candy were sold all week and delivered during G period that Friday.

Classes all over campus erupted in laughter as the deliverers burst into the rooms singing Valentine songs, and delivered the bags to recipients. Students who received anonymous candy grams were moved to wonder who their unknown Valentine was.

“I think it’s really cute — if someone comes and sings to you… it would be kind of weird, but at the same time it would be super cute,” sophomore Meghna Nanda said.

As well as a laugh, the candy grams brought some school spirit to the week before Valentine’s Day.

“I think [it was] a good idea, because anything that pertains to celebrating certain customs…like Valentine’s Day, like Easter, like either French or Spanish related activities…creates more of the school spirit that we’re hoping to achieve at Pinewood,” French teacher Michael Tetzlaff said.

That same week, students arrived at school in the morning to find pink, red, white, and purple colored hearts hung throughout the halls. Members of the student council put up hearts with the names of all Upper Campus students and faculty. A sign in the hallway, also made out of the felt hearts, said to “find your heart,” and students had a good time searching for their hearts during the breaks between classes.

“It made me feel very special to find the heart with my name on it,” freshman Cecile Smith said.

Because of the efforts of the National Honor Society in selling candy grams, and of the student council putting up hearts with everyone’s names around campus, the week before Valentine’s Day was a special and fun-filled week for Upper Campus.