Jyoti Sicina is the new learning specialist at Pinewood School and hopes to help kids work through challenges in their classes and teach strategies on ways to better study for tests.
“The goal by the end of a meeting is to feel better about yourself and your studies,” Sicina said.
Sicina attended Menlo High School, University of Colorado at Boulder as an undergrad, graduate school at University School of Education, and Fordham Graduate School of Education for additional post-secondary programs
Sicina worked in New York helping high school students learn how to read and manage their lives with school. This was when she realized she loved to help students succeed.
The first thing Sicina does in an appointment with a student is take their schedule and map out their whole day down to the minute. Then, she helps the student make sure they get their homework complete, sports booked in, and even has time for breaks or showers, all before 10 p.m.
Most students are very stressed out around this time of year because of finals, tons of homework and projects, and on top of that sports and extracurricular activities. Some may work very hard in their classes and still not have the grade they want.
“Working hard might not be synonymous with working well. I would sit with a student to understand how exactly they study and work, and look for small tweaks in their methods that could yield assessment results that might be more reflective of what they know,” Sicina said.
Studying for finals is the most stressful time of the year, so below are tips Sicina gave to help alleviate the stress of finals week.
Get a good night sleep before the finals and don’t stay up late studying.
Study in a good environment with some healthy snacks, lots of water, a large desk, a strong light, and no distractions.
Don’t wait until the week of finals to start studying; having knowledge in your brain for a longer amount of time is better for your memory.
Make study guides and practice tests in the same format as what you’ll see on the final.
Take breaks while studying to eat healthy food, or exercise.
Don’t stress too much the night before. Just take a deep breath.
Eat healthy food before the final. Not just a banana, but eggs, toast, and a banana.
Take a deep breath or mediate before the final to calm your body down.

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