Stay Calm, Stay Organized, and Study Hard

By Karina Aronson


   At the beginning of the new semester, students want to start the school year off on the right foot. One way students can do this is by attempting new organizational habits. 

   I find that in the beginning of the school year, I am on top of my school work and extremely organized, but as the school year progresses, my organizational habits get tossed aside. 

   By the time finals come around, planners and binders have been disregarded. Keeping a planner or calendar is a great way to keep track of homework and other events, such as sports and extracurriculars. Junior high science teacher Elaina Tyson and senior Natasha Thompson offer great tips. 

   “The night before,  I will write out everything I have to do the next day, [for example,] homework due. Or on the weekend, I will write what I have due during the week and I will put [time for] sports,” Thompson said.

   Tyson keeps both a physical calendar and a digital calendar. She likes having an online calendar because she can access it anywhere. Students interested in digital calendars should try MyHomework or Google Calendar, which both send out reminders the day before an assignment is due. In addition to planners and calendars, Thompson and Tyson recommend tackling homework as soon as possible. Block schedule is designed so students do not have all their classes on one day, which gives students two days to do homework.

   “Make sure you do the homework for the classes you had that day, preferably that night. That gives you room to reach out to teachers if there is a question or if you are running into a problem,” Tyson said. 

   Furthermore, in order to get a handle on school work, Thompson suggested doing homework and projects on weekends.

   “I do homework for Monday, and then for Tuesday…if I have projects coming up, I try to start them in advance instead of leaving it to the night before,” Thompson said. 

   While doing homework in advance can be hard for some people who like to procrastinate, doing even a little bit of a project each night can help.

   Being organized is not an innate skill, but working on developing certain habits overtime will help. Although it can be hard, small steps, such as doing your homework the day it was assigned, can help improve your organizational skills and make life a bit easier.