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Spring Sports In Full Bloom



  Just because basketball is coming to a close doesn’t mean all the cheering and shouting at games is over, because spring sports are right around the corner. Softball, baseball, track, boys tennis and golf are coming right up, and coaches and players from all across Pinewood are excited to start competing this year. While some coaches are focused on the aspect of fun, some are leaning towards trying to win.

   Last year, softball moved up a division after winning their league.

   “I think we’ll be more competitive with better teams this year…I do expect us to be a contender for first place,” softball head coach Michelle Isaac said. By the looks of that, softball is looking to have a
great year.

   Similarly, baseball is also looking forward to having a good season and shooting for first place in their division. After a few weeks of waiting, they will soon be moving their practices to Purissima Field in order to get the most out of their practices as possible as well as freeing up the
field for softball.

   Track and golf, however, are more oriented towards trying to have fun, although their hunger for winning isn’t completely dulled down.

   “I expect to have some fun and I expect some good results…I expect everybody to get a lot faster by the end of this season,”  said Jackee Bruno, head coach of track
and field.

   Bruno also said that this year, the track and field team has a lot more field athletes which would enable the team to compete much better in the field portion than
last year.

   Golf, however, is just focused on bringing a relaxed attitude to their game. When asked on his expectations for the golf season, head coach Eric Guzman simply said “to have fun.”

   All spring sports have already started practicing and preparing for games starting very soon. So, whether you enjoy playing or watching baseball, softball, track, or golf, there’s a piece of the pie for everyone.