Are students going to participate in any of the events happening on campus during this week?

   Previously, the answer to this question was a tentative “no,” but with the addition of the spirit representative on student council, the answer “yes” has come up more often.
   “The goal was to focus more on campus and school spirit, in general and in sports,” activities director Jackee Bruno said.

   Bruno added the position at the beginning of last year, and it has already made quite a difference.

   The idea stemmed from the creation of the spirit squad, a group of students from all grades who want to show their Pinewood spirit at school events.

   Over the past year, the number of students who dress up on spirit days and attend sporting events has increased.

   “The biggest advantage of adding the spirit representative is that we have more people who know about the events and are excited about them,” freshman Ela

Diffenbaugh said.

   This year’s spirit representatives are Diffenbaugh, sophomore Jack Cutler, junior Quinn Mitchell, and senior Dominick Twombly. This position is most similar to the publicity one, but focuses more on the dress up days and other competitions.

   Each representative has his or her own way of rallying the grade for the events. Twombly posts all the upcoming events on Facebook, while Diffenbaugh prefers to tell people in person in addition to sending out emails.

   Mitchell and other members of the junior student council have created a Snapchat account in order to remind people what is going on in a given week.

   With the new council of six per grade, more opinions can be brought forward in a discussion. It also helps bring forward more ideas when the representatives plan upcoming events like the home run derby and zombie walk on Pumpkin Day.

   “My favorite part of my job is making the school more energized and eager to participate,” Mitchell said.